Spring Herbs and Mother Nature

No matter that Mother Nature is trying her best to give us one more snow “fit”, my herbs have had enough of winter. They have officially peeked through the leaves and poked through the ground. A close look in their resting places three days ago showed wonderful things to come. Thyme was green and robust already, rosemary was standing tall and reaching for the sun, the chives were peeking through the leaves, as were the fuzzy spearmint leaves (oh how they make me think of dessert crepes stuffed with yogurt, fresh berries, warm chocolate sauce, and the star — spearmint leaves). The peppermint leaves were winding around their little plot (aways looking for a way to escape – lol). The sage is greening up, needing a pruning to remove last years dead branches. But something just told me not to remove the protective leaves yet, and sure enough, Mother Nature seems to have just one more cold spell for us.

For those of you how are having a tough week, know I love you and am thinking good thoughts for you. Spring is a healing time of the year. It is a renewing of freshness and new beginnings. Cook something that makes you happy and that reminds you of the freshness our earth and the purity of the way Mother Nature intended for our lives to be…kind and gentle to each other, and to all living things. Simplicity is the best taste that there is.





Welcome to my kitchen

I am quite excited to write the first of many food articles for my long time friends and hopefully my new ones too.

Welcome to my kitchen. I want to share my love of food and the joy of preparing it with you. I just recently made a large change in my life and I will now have time to write recipes, share ideas about methods, ingredients and cooking tips of all kinds.

For those of you who have been coming to my classes for the last 8 years I will try to challenge you and give you ideas that will fill your kitchen with the same great meals we prepared in the classes we enjoyed together.

Of course I will try to keep up with the food industry and important events like GMO, sustainable foods, and there will be many other important subjects that affect your food chain and that of your future family that I will try to bring to your attention.

Check back next week and see what surprises I can come up with. Until then, I am so glad to reach out to each of you again,

Chef Norma