The End Of The Season
The End Of The Season

It is getting to the end of the local tomato, bean, pepper, cucumber and other locally grown produce season. Soon we will see pumpkins, squash of all kinds and other cool weather produce, but the soft flesh produce will soon be a fleeting memory until next year. I hope you have had time to put up a goodly store, either canning or feeling as many as possible. There just isn’t anything like it in the cold winter months.

I was fortunate enough to have stopped at a great local meat market, McGonigle’s, at 1307 W. 79th, a couple weeks ago and to my absolute delight, there was a produce stand set up in their parking lot selling some of the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes I have ever seen. While talking to the grower I was so impressed with his commitment to his product and the way he grows his plants. Check them out on Facebook, COBINSTEINZ FARM and from what I understand they will still be around for a few more weeks with some great looking produce for your eating pleasure.

For you RESTAURANT OWNERS you can contact them direct to place large orders. The number is on FB or contact me for the phone number. What a great way to show your customers you have the best to offer them.



  1. What I’d like to know is whether or not I can dry seeds from heirloom tom’s to grow my own next year? Because there is just nothing so delicious as these beauties!

  2. we were just recently informed of this blog post. Wanted to say thanks for posting such amazing pics of our stuff. Please identify yourself to us next time you see us at Mcgonigles. We should be there the next 5 weeks or so and we are there on saturdays and sundays now!

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